North Alfred Dock Terminal

Um terminals bulk liquid storage

16,000m3 of storage

Our North Alfred Dock facility sits at the entrance to the Birkenhead dock system and offers 16,000m3 of storage for heated and non-heated products. The site has a state-of-the-art tank radar and temperature monitoring system that advises on product level, condition and operational status.

North Albert Road terminal map

Recently upgraded features
The North Alfred dock facility has recently undergone a period of major investment including installation of a new automated gas boiler with self-checking monitors and blow downs to ensure maximum efficiency and energy saving, as well as energy efficient LED lighting throughout the site.

Optimised security
Automated security gates into and out of the one way traffic flow of the facility allow safe driver access/egress. There is also CCTV monitoring of weighbridges, access points and loading areas to assist the security of our colleagues, visitors, drivers and your products.

Feature-rich shipping birth
The facility offers a shipping berth with dedicated product lines and pipeline clearance facilities.

Terminal location

Riverside House
East Street
Birkenhead CH41 1BY

Chris smith
Chris Smith Terminal Manager
North alfred dock bulk liquid storage terminal
Spec Value
Total capacity 16,000m3
Tank Sizes 296 m3 – 1032 m3
Access Road, Vessel / Barge
LOA 195.0m
Draft 8.7m
No. of Berths 1
Tank types Mild steel, Temperature controlled, non-heated, Lagged tanks, & non-lagged. RADAR telemetry giving live levels, temperatures, product movement, programmable level alarms.
Current products Tallow, Processing Oils, Base Oils, Industrial, and Chemicals.
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