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UM Terminals invests in training to equip managers with leadership skills

Posted on 2 May, 2024

Eight colleagues at UM Terminals have recently completed a year-long leadership training programme.

The training was undertaken by Rebecca Lee, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Jo Winning, Compliance Manager, Jake Ellis, Maintenance Manager, Chris Smith, Terminal Manager at Regent Road and North Alfred Dock and Client Central Services Manager, Mike Mail, Hull West Terminal Manager, Leon Pilling, Gladstone Dock Terminal Manager, Ben Maynard, Hull East Terminal Manager and Peter Coker, Portbury Terminal Manager.

The leadership training programme was delivered by Stuart Worker, co-founder of The Purposeful Leadership Company.

Stuart said: “More often than not, people get promoted into leadership roles based on how good they are at their job and their technical skills.

“The training programme that we have undertaken with UM Terminals is about helping to provide their terminal and functional managers with the tool kit to succeed as leaders.

“The programme consisted of six modules, a mix of face-to-face and online, looking at various aspects of leadership including delegation, situational leadership, communication and storytelling.

“We also spent time focusing on the ‘inner game’ of leadership. For example, a tennis player practises their serve or backhand tens of thousands of times to enhance their technical ability, but alongside this they need to work on their ‘inner self’, their emotions and how they manage themselves. The requirement is the same in business.”

The programme finished with each leader receiving a certificate after making a short presentation about what they had learnt and what leadership means to them.

Jo Winning said: “I found the course really beneficial, and Stuart is a great mentor.

“It was really freeing to learn that your leadership style was one that could be developed from your own personality and experiences, as well as being aware of your own skill set and understanding areas that I can still work on.

“There are many lessons that I have been trying to put into practice in my interactions with people that I work closely with, as well as using in my personal life as well.

“The key learnings I have taken away relate to self-awareness, understanding when the right moment is to take a step back and reflect as a leader rather than immediately trying to solve every problem on the spot.

“Listening to what people are saying rather than immediately reacting is key for me, as well as becoming aware that people in the business are noticing your behaviours and the energy you bring into a situation. It’s so important to reflect on how you want to present yourself, and how you want to show up!

“Your own mindset is so powerful and knowing that you have the capacity to change a negative mindset into a more positive more, by reframing the situation, is a really powerful tool.”

Phil McEvoy, MD of UM Terminals, said: “The timing for the leadership training was right as we have a number of new people at management level in the business.

“There is no question that the programme Stuart has delivered will make us a more cohesive and supportive management team. This, in turn, will further enhance our customer service, something we pride ourselves on. The feedback I received from those who took part in the training has been excellent.”


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