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Gladstone Dock operators step up to the Great Molasses Challenge

Posted on 17 May, 2024

Operators at UM Terminals’ Gladstone Dock Terminal in Liverpool have been stepping up to the Great Molasses Challenge.

The 10-strong team at the company’s biggest and busiest terminal have been counting their steps during their busy working days with all miles being added to the Challenge’s overall total.

The unique Challenge aims to cover the distance of the first ever UM molasses shipment in 1912 – a total of 4820 miles (7712km) from the Dominican Republic to Hull. The Challenge will finish in Hull on June 9th when a number of colleagues will be taking part in the Hull 10K.

Colleagues across the group are busy fundraising with all funds ultimately being donated to the charity Farm Africa.

The Gladstone team consists of Les Culverston, Colin Hook, Lewis Chambers, Dave Garvey, Jamie Clintworth, Tate France, Nigel Bills, Martin Irigoyen, Luke Rochell and Madison France.

A massive thankyou to all of them for keeping a log of their daily miles and either adding them direct to our Challenge App or passing through to head office to upload. Every single mile walked, run, jogged or cycled is getting us closer to our target!

Les said: “You sometimes take for granted just how many miles the operators are walking each day, probably in the region of up to 19,000 steps a day (or 9.5 miles/15.2km).

“For example, we can be walking 250m to discharge a ship and the same back several times a day. The terminal is around 1km from one side to the other. Some days it can be non-stop.

“We were keen to get involved in the Challenge and do our bit and colleagues have either been adding the steps to the app at the end of the day or sending screenshots through each week to be added.

“It’s been a real team effort, not just the operators but also supervisors, site controllers and others are getting involved.

“Hopefully this will encourage colleagues at our other terminals to get involved too – every mile really is making a difference in getting us to our target by June 9th.”

The efforts by the Gladstone Dock terminal team is the latest example of colleagues across the UM Group coming together to support the Challenge.

Other activities have included the London Marathon, Liverpool half-marathon, cycling in the mountains of Majorca, lunchtime walks, weekend hikes and the Great Limerick Run.

Some colleagues have simply been keeping count of their miles on their evening dog walks.

Please keep up the great work and keep spreading the word about the Great Molasses Challenge.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so via the following links:


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