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Boiler manager Lewis enjoys career progression

Posted on 10 October, 2023

UM Group is a big believer in enabling the career progression of its employees.

A shining example of this is Lewis Colrein, Boiler Manager at bulk liquid storage specialist UM Terminals, part of the UM Group.

Lewis initially joined UM Terminals in March 2020 as an operator, just as the Covid pandemic was starting to impact the UK and providing a challenging working environment at the company’s terminals.

In early 2021, Lewis, who is based at UM Terminals’ Hull West terminal, was invited to be trained on the BOAS (Boiler Operator Accreditation Scheme).

The business has two different types of boilers, hot water and steam. The steam boilers run the sites by heating oil inside tanks to heat products stored on sites.

Lewis said: “The course ran over six months and involved 100 hours’ of training on the day-to-day running of boilers and the various procedures involved.

“This was followed by a four-day course and two papers with the requirement to get over 75%.”

After passing, Lewis was UM Terminals’ Hull West designated BGO1 Boiler Operative.

During early 2022, Lewis was approached to become UM Terminals’ Boiler Manager and undertook a further 100 hours of training across six months, culminating in him successfully passing his BOAS-M in October 2022.

Since January 2023, Lewis has been UM Terminals’ Boiler Manager, overseeing all boilers within the business and with specific responsibility for training, providing evidence of training, procedures, risk assessments and producing training instructions. Lewis works closely with colleagues across UM Terminals’ various sites and undertakes regular visits.

Lewis said: “The career development within UM Group has been fantastic and was one of the main reasons I left my previous employer. I really appreciate the training and opportunities that the Group has given me, allowing me to become Boiler Manager in less than three years.

“There will be further training opportunities as well including in areas such as maintenance, and risk assessments. I am loving my new role and responsibilities, in particular the chance to visit the various terminals and work closely with our BOAS operators.

“Half a dozen former colleagues at my old employer have also joined UM Terminals and all have been given training and career progression opportunities. They are all either at assistant or supervisor level.”

Outside of work, Lewis is kept busy with a 15-month-old son and enjoys watching sport, in particular rugby – which he recently stopped playing – and football.

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