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Advanced Liquid Feeds:
Laboratory Development & Relocation

New lab terminals case study

Advanced Liquid Feeds (ALF) is a market leader in providing bulk liquid blended feed, fats and crude vegetable oils to the UK animal feed sector. The business is centred on high quality, trusted products, top-level service and unrivalled technical knowledge.

A crucial aspect of ALF’s business is their “in-house” laboratory which analyses all raw materials and finished products. Being a highly specialised sector of the industry, it is difficult to subcontract product analysis to independent laboratories and, where this is possible, turnaround time and cost is prohibitive to efficient working.

Having been located at the same premises for many years, a change of circumstances necessitated relocating the laboratory during June 2018. It was therefore imperative to find a suitable relocation site. This had to be achieved quickly and efficiently, ensuring continuation of the important laboratory service requirement to the ALF business.

winning tender

Several tenders for the development were received by ALF, including one from UM Terminals, offering our services to provide and maintain a suitable facility for the laboratory.

The proposal would be in addition to the bulk liquid storage and blending facility already utilised by ALF. After considering all factors, ALF decided that the new laboratory within UM Terminals’ North Alfred Dock site would be the best solution.


ALF and UM Terminals were able to set out a clear timeline and strategy to deliver this project.

From planning (June 2018), to completion (Nov 2018), and occupancy (Dec 2018), the solution was put in place over the course of just six months. Central to the success of the project was the teamwork and skills demonstrated by both parties.


ALF and UM Terminals were able to set out a clear timeline and strategy to deliver this project.

Fully operational since December 2018, utilising wet chemistry and gas chromatography techniques, the laboratory is currently operating with two full time members of staff. Operations are fully compliant with HACCP, and similar production process systems, which are tailored to the needs of ALF.

The requirement for accuracy and safety is central to the ALF business ethos. This working knowledge is available and adaptable for third party customers utilising UM Terminals’ bulk liquid facilities.


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