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INEOS hand sanitiser gels

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INEOS partners with UM Terminals to create hand sanitiser gels

INEOS partners with UM Terminals to create hand sanitiser gels

The growing demand for wellness and health products during the crisis caused a global shortage of hand sanitiser. The rising rate of infections, along with the international campaign about the importance of personal hygiene, led to a significant increase in hand sanitiser sales across every region in the world.

UK industrial giant INEOS partnered with UM Terminals to create its hand sanitiser product to meet consumer demand during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A global shortage

INEOS recognised that it had the capability to help tackle the global shortage by producing its own range of hand sanitiser products at extremely short notice.

To make it happen, INEOS selected UM Terminals as the ideal partner to assist with the manufacturing and delivery of hand sanitiser.

A clear strategy

Within one week of discussions, both parties were able to outline a clear strategy. This incorporated a comprehensive governance procedure, to ensure all relevant health and safety guidelines were met efficiently, and a full review of the key requirements detailed by INEOS.

Bespoke in-line blending

Once authorisation was received from HMRC, a new bespoke product was created using an in-line blending system at the UM terminal in Hull. UM Terminals was then able to provide the necessary operational cover to facilitate the increase in product movements via vessels and road vehicles.

INEOS hand sanitiser products can be purchased on their website:

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